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Ports 4.0

Tetrace Offshore and Heavy Lift are developing the IZEEM Port project, which falls within the 2nd IDEAS call of the Ports 4.0 program promoted by Puertos del Estado (Ports of the State). The IZEEM Port project consists of the definition of a multipurpose marine foundation infrastructure for the development of new technologies in port waters. This foundation is designed to serve as a platform on which to deploy the required systems, whether they are prototypes, laboratories, or signaling buoys, in a fast and economical manner, avoiding the use of specialized vessels. This project has focused on using IZEEM Port to host a 4.5 MW offshore wind turbine.

It is a self-installable system since, unlike the usual scheme of installing the mooring system in independent campaigns, the IZEEM Port technology integrates the connection systems between the floating part and the anchored part. Thus, it becomes a self-installable system.

Throughout the project, the hydrodynamic behavior of the device has been studied under various sea conditions, obtaining positive results for different locations along the Spanish coast.

The manufacturing strategy using sliding formwork in concrete allows for an optimized and less costly construction process compared to steel manufacturing. Manufacturing times are significantly reduced, which has a very positive impact on the reduction of LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy).

Moreover, it is a highly scalable technology. The summarized results of the theoretical economic study have shown a considerable reduction in costs per unit manufactured for commercial parks that could be developed not only in port environments but also in locations further away from the coast, where the wind resource will be even higher, thus optimizing the LCOE.