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Know the personal protective equipment for the inside of the blade

The security is overriding  for Works in confined spaces. It’s very important not ignore the serious or fatal risks the might be, for example inside the Blades of the wind turbine. I therefore talk about personal protective equipment  inside the Blades of wind turbines

What kind of risks can I find inside the blade of a wind turbine?

  • The risks inside the blade of a wind turbine are the following:
  • Physical and mechanical origin
  • Oxygen-deficient atmosphere
  • Accumulation of flammable or toxic pollutants

What are the personal protective equipment for the inside of the blade of the wind turbine?

The personal protective equipment for the inside of the blade of the wind turbine are the following:

  • Safety harness for possible rescue
  • Helmet to protect the head
  • Jumpsuit or working clothes
  • Dust Protective glasses
  • Protective gloves against mechanical hazards
  • Respiratory protection using protection filters
  • System for measuring oxygen
  • Safety boots with non-slip protector

Breathing systems

When the work required to stay for a long time period, it is essential to accede with a breathing system. In this case, you can use:

  • Autonomous breathing system.
  • Semiautonomous breathing system.
  • In order to ensure 20.5% of oxygen concentration, do not forget to accede with a negative pressure air extraction system.

What happens when the blade is installed in the wind turbine?

If the blade is installed, the following personal protective equipment’s are required in order to accede to the wind turbine’s blade:

  • Equipment’s to perform work at a height or rope work (retention ropes, anti-fall systems…).
  • Previously mentioned personal protective equipment’s will be adapted to the situation (replacement of the rescue harness whit a position working harness or an anti-fall, the helmet with one adapted for working at heights…).


Finally, if the work needs to be done in extreme climate conditions is required to use thermal protection clothing.

I hope that this reminder of the personal protective equipment’s required for working in the wind turbine blade’s interior serve to not forgetting any them when you go to work there. Which has been the most dangerous situation that you have faced when working inside of a wind turbine blade?

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