Technical office


Drafting feasibility reports for special road transport viability.

Proven experience in drafting studies for both private and public (councils, etc) bodies, analysing and certifying the transportation of a large cargo along a specified route.

Writing of reports for construction and special transportation companies.

Proven experience of drafting studies for both private and public (councils, etc) bodies, where analysis is made of the proposed transport route in regard to the impact of a heavy cargo on each road structure and bridge crossing.

Authorised management for national and international special transportation.

Transport application and authorisation management, both in Spain and Europe.

Customs clearance.

Customs clearance management for international transport.


Due diligence services for wind and solar energy. Micrositing.

National and international.
Technical review.
Wind resource studies verification .
Calculation hypothesis.
Key contracts, processing status...
Micrositing and energy assessment.
Environmental impact studies.

Medium and high voltage wind power projects.

Projects in industrial installations:

  • Complete project coordination from start to finish.
  • Initial draft and final report.
  • Grant management.
  • Licenses and authorisations.
  • Technical direction and supervision of contracts and subcontractors.

Civil works projects. Experts in wind power.

Drafting, calculations and project of mountain civil works.
Audit of civil works. Management of international civil works.


Projects and management of industrial units.